Winter 2019 AGSM Fashion Show

You may wonder how long this took for me to capture. Let’s just say from the original sketches to the Show, I lost count! lol. But, I hope you enjoy watching, as much as I enjoyed making this happen. I’d like to create a show each season. This way, I can keep my creative juices flowing, and continue to keep smiles on faces across the land.

Enjoy these “behind the scene” photos, too!

A look that didn’t make it to the video
I dyed this recycled rabbit fur for the Denim & Fur Jacket
Another look that didn’t make the show
Sewing the ruffled tier top!

“Picture Perfect” 18” Doll Pattern Release

Perfectly pleated pleats with a “peek-a-boo” bow in the back! I’m in love with this little “number” called “Picture Perfect.” Reminds me of the first dress that I actually fell in love with. And, I had to wear it everyday! Could you image?! I’m sure you can related. Maybe not everyday, but, I’m sure you had a favorite, too.

Pair this little cutie pie dress with a knit cardigan sweater, or a cute little Spring jacket! This dress gives me such a 50’s vibe!

Check out how some of my friend’s dresses turned out..


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For a limited time, you can save $2 off your copy of “Picture Perfect”! Use code: PICTURE.

Or, just click this link:



Limited Run Series of Ready-Made Doll Clothing

I made a dress. I made a really Gorgeous dress for my 18″ doll. Funny thing is, I would have never chose this type of material for a doll dress. This red and black ombre sequined material lingered from a project that I was commissioned for, over a year ago. To be exact, it was for a Prom dress. I purchased this material as an option for the young lady I was designing the dress for. She requested a red & black dress. And, I remember she said she wanted “sparkles”. The fabric sat, while I concentrated on a different technique. Until, yesterday, when this happened! I used my American Princess PDF Dress Pattern to make this Glamorous version. This is a Limited Run, and I am only making (10) of these gowns. If you would like one of your own, Click here!

Oh, the other direction that I chose to take for the Prom Dress (since it was up to me, as the Designer), was a dress suitable for a Princess. It was a red and black pleated bodice, with AB crystal detail, and an organza ruffled tiered skirt, dress. Take a look. Isn’t she beautiful!?

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Introducing 14.5″ PDF Doll Dress Patterns

I like to call them “bite size”. How could you resist these cuties?? I have been asked about possibly making my ‘best sellers’ into smaller doll sizes. Of course, I obliged. So far, I have converted “Summer Fun” and “Sweet Strawberry Fields” into 14.5″ sized patterns. Check out what some very lovely Makers came up with..

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Photo Credits: Vicky Doyle, Janet Flath, Cindy Montano, Sheri Browder Hendrix, Sandi Katcher, Pat Penley, Jane Parks, Gay Curtis, Karina Maltby


New Pattern Release!

group of dressesIt’s finally here..

“Sweet Strawberry Fields”. Image your greatest memory during the Summer months, while floating in a field of sweet, delicious, ripe strawberries. And, true to my fashion nature, the overall style of this dress has a ‘vintage’ flare. Starting at the top of the dress, is a gorgeous rounded, off-shoulder collar, with optional shoulder straps. It’s connect to the bodice, designed as a fitted corset. At the waist, you’ll enjoy a full skirt, with an extended hem. The hem is an additional piece that can be made into a boarder, or a ruffle. It’s all up to the creator. And, that’s you! Have fun with prints and patterns. Mix it up! The options are unlimited in this dress style!

Sweet Strawberry Fields PDF Dress Pattern for 18″ Doll

As a Pattern Designer, I already own (6) copies of this dress. I made slight modifications along the way, in order to see how the slight changes would translate to a finished dress. Check them out:

I made this copy as a version without shoulder straps. And, it also has a full ruffled hem. I used (3) strips to make it possible.


This version has a shorter skirt. And, because the skirt is a sheer rainbow lame, I put a solid white layer underneath. The bodice is made from an Up-cycled Ralph Lauren denim shirt dress.lame dress

And, would you know it, I actually had a piece of vintage fabric for this version. It features hand-painted fruits (cherry and watermelon), and sunflowers! The bodice is a red linen fabric.

red dress

This version, is the very first one I made. And, it has no additional hem, at all.

blue dress

And, these final two are my favorites. The ‘unicorn’ version, featuring mixed fabrics. And, the one that I feature in my step-by-step tutorial.

unicorn dressIMG_9099

I love this pattern. This dress is fun to make. It may be a little challenging for a beginner. But, with the step-by-step image tutorial, you’ll be confident enough to take it on!

For a limited time, save $2! Coupon will be applied by ‘clicking’ this link: Sweet Strawberry Fields Pattern

The Tiffany Blue Suit

This is the suit that started it All! Something took over my body. It would not let up until I finished this outfit, from beginning to end. And, by beginning to end, I mean, 9 pattern revisions and 5 different muslin samples, later. This does not include the written instructions, or the many video clips that were used to make an awesome tutorial! But, what I can say, is that it was all worth it!

See it for yourself..

MissPrettyPerfect’s Inauguration Suit Pattern

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Patchwork Skirt Pattern

📣 Calling all 70’s fans!

She’s loving life and the unique, fun experiences that come along with it. Your wildest fabric combinations are called upon, to recreate this Patchwork Skirt for your 18″ doll. Have fun and push all the buttons necessary to make this art piece come to life!

Surprises on the way!

Happy New Year! My 2019 was brought in while sewing doll clothes. I was raised to believe that whatever you’re doing when the “ball drops”, you’ll be doing this all year long. I always make sure I’m focused on a fun task when this time arrives.

Summer 2018, I came up with a fabulous goal. This goal was farfetched for someone like me, but it was obtainable. I’ve been working hard (off, and on) on this task, and I can’t wait to announce it to you!

If you are not a follower of my Instagram and Facebook pages for MPP Boutique Patterns, I invite you join them so that you don’t miss out on this exciting event.